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Your Frequently Asked Questions About HGV Driver Training

Starting a new career as an HGV driver is exciting. It can also be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve done nothing similar to it before. But don’t let the unknown put you off. Driving HGVs is an incredibly rewarding experience, and thanks to Covid-19 many people have now seen just how important HGV drivers […]

What Is A Dangerous Goods License, And Do I Need One?

As an HGV driver, your days will be filled with changes and challenges. Often no two days are the same, and you can find yourself transporting clothing one day and building materials the next. If you’re a freelance driver, or you belong to a driver agency, then your jobs will be even more varied to […]

The 4 Main HGV Accidents (And How To Avoid Them)

No one likes to think about getting into an accident – especially a car accident. But as a professional HGV driver, road accidents need to be on your radar, as HGVs are some of the most common elements in road traffic accidents. Not only that, but very high HGV accidents tend to be fatal due […]

How To Choose The Right HGV Training School

If you’re looking to move your career, becoming a HGV driver is a great option. Not only is it an incredibly rewarding career option, but with the continuing shortage of HGV drivers (and the increased demand placed on them by Covid-19) you are unlikely to ever find a more safe and secure job. But to […]

What Qualifications Do You Need to be an Ambulance Driver?

In these uncertain times, thousands of people are opting to change careers and flock to support the NHS in any way they can. If you’re a keen driver, then you might decide now is the perfect time to retrain and become an ambulance driver. And you’re not wrong! Being an ambulance driver is an incredibly […]

What You Need To Know About The HGV Hazard Perception Test

If you’re looking to become an HGV driver, and are maybe even at the beginning of pursuing your first licence, then you will need to take a hazard perception test (or two). It’s the gateway to your official training – the bit you have to do before you can get behind the wheel. But while […]

What The Coronavirus Is Doing To The UK Haulage Industry

There is no question that the UK haulage industry is under a lot of pressure right now. The coronavirus crisis has caused an unprecedented rise in demand for both personal and commercial deliveries, with drivers being pushed to the limits beyond even the busiest times of year (yes, even busier than Christmas). This new rush […]

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing (For Your Manager’s Sake)

If you’re a professional HGV driver, odds are you have a manager of some sort. Even though you aren’t in an office or under direct supervision most of the time, there will still be someone within the company who you report to, and who makes sure everything is happening as it should in your day-to-day […]

Should You Have Dash Cams In An HGV?

Yes. That really should be the end of it. Blog finished. Go about your day. But you probably want to know why. After all, dash cams aren’t a legal requirement in any vehicle, so surely it’s a personal choice whether to have one installed in your HGV or not? And yes, it is. But if […]

How to Stay Focused on the Road – 4 Top Tips From Experienced Drivers

As an HGV driver, you’ve probably had your fair share of long journeys. Long-haul drivers especially know how difficult it can be to focus on driving for hours at a time without losing concentration. But it’s an important skill to learn – since being distracted on the road could cost you your job or even […]

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