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The New Look for Haulage

Well, here we are. After years of discussion, debate and negotiation, the UK has now officially left the EU. Now, instead of speculating about what Brexit might do to various industries, we are now starting to see the real impact. Of course it’s still early days, but in some industries the changes have already started […]

How Important is Driver Mental Health

We’ve talked a lot about how essential HGV drivers are. The pandemic has highlighted this better than we ever could – after all without logistics companies and HGV drivers many more businesses would have collapsed during these difficult times. But that’s an awful lot of pressure for HGV drivers to face, and on top of […]

HGV Training Jargon Buster

When it comes to learning to drive an HGV, you would think the whole process is fairly straightforward. But in reality, that’s far from the case. In fact, there are a lot of words, terms and phrases you’re going to come across that you may not have heard before. Like any industry, the HGV world […]

Is HGV Driving a Good Career for an Introvert?

When it comes to the kind of person who should drive a HGV, we generally say there are no limits. As long as you’re over 18 with a clean driving license, you can drive a HGV professionally in the UK. But that being said, there are certain types of people who are more suited to […]

How Flexible Is Being a HGV Driver?

When you’re choosing your career, there are a lot of things you need to take into account. Some things will be essential to you, and some will just be a nice bonus. One of the things you may want to consider is how flexible the job is. In previous years, flexibility wasn’t necessarily something you […]

What Do Long-Haul Truckers Eat?

Think about your day. It’s probably pretty structured – you wake up, wash, eat breakfast, and go to work. You work for a set period of time, have a break to eat, and go back to work. When your work day is done, you go home, relax, have dinner and go to bed, ready to […]

Can I Drive an LGV in the UK on a Work Visa?

Driving an LGV is one of those jobs that many people don’t think twice about, but in reality is vital for our country. Which is why it’s sad that even now, several years on, the UK is still struggling with a shortage of qualified HGV drivers, especially when the demand has never been higher. If […]

4 Reasons You Should Train As A HGV Driver Today

When it comes to choosing a career, there are a lot of things you will need to consider. And if you’ve never really been interested in HGV driving before, you might not necessarily think of it as a job for you. But becoming a HGV driver can be a great career path, or even just […]

Your Pre-Drive Safety Checks As An HGV Driver – Part 2

Welcome back! This is part 2 of your guide to pre-drive safety checks as a HGV driver. If you’re driving for a living, you already know that the physical driving is only part of the role. There are a number of other things you will need to do and responsibilities you hold as a driver. […]

Your Pre-Drive Safety Checks As An HGV Driver – Part 1

If you’re a professional HGV driver, then you already know just how many little tasks are involved in your job, And if you’re not a driver yet, then let us be the first to tell you – being a HGV driver is about more than just driving. You are responsible for the loading and unloading […]

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