Category C+E / Class 1 Licence’Vehicles over 3,500 kg and with a trailer over 750 kg.

This vehicle is commonly known as a Artic or Class 1 or an HGV. Driving this licence will be in either a full articulated vehicle or a draw bar (wagon & drag). This is the largest vehicle you can drive in the HGV industry. To obtain this HGV licence, you must already have a Cat C licence.

*Minimum age to take this licence is 18 years of age.

If you’ve already got a Category C licence and you want to earn a bit more money, then our Category C+E course is for you. We’ve all seen the big articulated lorries making deliveries nationwide, so if you aspire to be the King of the Road, this is the next step for you.

Newly qualified C+E drivers can take home a starting wage of up to £32,000 per year, and you can boost your earning capacity with specialist driver courses such as ADR (for transporting hazardous substances) HiAb, Moffett and Forklift. Plus, salaries increase with experience.

The HGV Driver Training Centre’s Category C+E course can be taken in association with the Category C course as a Combined Option (one course following another), as we have the facilities to accommodate all ability levels. So, if you’re just starting out on the Category C licence, but you know you want to progress onto the C+E licence shortly after, call us on 0808 168 5255 and talk to us about the Combined Option, which will save you time and money.

This course will last for four to five days, depending on your driving experience, and with this class 1 licence you will be to take control of your career. With an increase in demand for drivers from the rise in power of online shopping and the need for deliveries, you will be able to find a position suitable for your life style. You’ll have the flexibility to be able to live your life, as well as following a career you enjoy.

Recommended course length for this licence is 4-5 days practical training.

Terms and Conditions apply

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