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What’s In Your HGV CV?

How long has it been since you looked at your CV? Weeks, months, maybe even years? Or maybe you haven’t actually written one yet, and instead are finding yourself sitting down at a blank page, trying to work out what to write that will land you that perfect HGV driving job. If you’re looking for […]

How Can You Be A Successful HGV Driver?

Becoming a successful HGV driver isn’t all about passing your qualifications and getting yourself a job. As you work longer in the industry, you come to understand that there are certain qualities and skills that set the truly successful drivers apart from the mediocre. Luckily, if you know about these qualities in advance, you can […]

4 Helpful Hints To Ensure You Pass Your HGV Theory Test

If you’re looking to become an HGV driver, there are a lot of exciting times ahead of you. But after you put in some time behind the wheel, learning from a qualified instructor, it will be time to take your theory test. Now for some people, those words are enough to start a cold sweat. […]

5 Tips For Getting Your First Job As An HGV Driver

Right now, businesses all across the country are clamouring for more skilled, qualified drivers to support their distribution networks. With the industries demand for HGV drivers outstripping the supply available, more and more newly-qualified drivers will find that they get the pick of the litter when it comes to jobs in the field. From local […]

5 Perfect Places To Take Your Minibus This Summer

The summer holidays are finally here, and you know what that means? It’s time to set an out of office on the email and get away for a while! The problem, is, that snot as easy as it used to be. With the cost of airfare, train tickets and ferries going up all the time, […]

5 Ways You Can Stay Cool In Your HGV This Summer

Well, it’s already hot and it’s all set to get hotter. The summer sun shows no sign of slowing, and the met are already talking about Amber heatwave warnings, so it’s a good time to start talking about how to take care of yourself, and your HGV during the summer weather. When you spend a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Dumper Trucks

We talk an awful lot about lorries and ‘standard’ HGV’s on this blog. But there is a lot more out there in the HGV world, that maybe we don’t talk about as much. One of those is the dumper truck. Popular with kids the world around, the dumper truck is the hero of construction workers […]

4 New Jobs That Are Just A License Upgrade Away

It’s June, which means we’re officially 6 months in to the new year. And if you made a resolution to change jobs or find a new career path, this post is for you. Because over 2/3 of people who make resolutions like that don’t actually act on them until around this time, if at all. […]

5 Tips For Your Hazard Perception Theory Test

The HGV Training Centre is dedicated to helping our drivers learn the ropes of driving HGV’s, from the practical side to the theory behind it all. Driver safety, procedures, how to identify hazards. We cover all of it and more in our training. But lately, we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about the hazard […]

Preparing For Your HGV Theory Test

When you’re preparing to upgrade your standard driving license to an HGV one, you will need to take a theory test. Just like your original test, this test is split into 2 parts, multiple choice and hazard perception, but these are aimed at the HGV industry. At The HGV Training Centre, we specialise in providing […]

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