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A Beginners Guide to the Driver CPC

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Before you start your journey to becoming a HGV driver, there are probably a lot of things you don’t know. And that’s OK – you’re here to learn after all! But one of the things a lot of new trainee drivers aren’t aware of is that you need more than just your chosen category license in order to begin driving professionally. You also need something called a Driver CPC. It’s a core part of training to become a professional HGV driver, and it’s our job to guide you through that process and help you understand what it is, why you need it, and to help you achieve it. We’re going to try and do the first two parts today, and hopefully help you out with the third in person!


What is the Driver CPC?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get, since it’s one of the first things we ask new enquiries about. If you aren’t sure, or don’t have it, then we are always happy to explain what the Driver CPC is, and what course you need to achieve yours. To sum it up, the Driver CPC is short for ‘certificate of professional competence’, and is proof that you have gone through proper training, and are safe behind the wheel of an HGV.



Why do I Have to do the Driver CPC?

Because without one, you can’t work as an HGV driver. If you want the longer version, it’s because the government passed the Driver CPC legislation in 2009, designed to ensure that all professional drivers would be subject to the same ongoing requirements for retraining. The idea is to keep unsafe drivers off the road, and to ensure every driver behind the wheel of an HGV has been trained in line with the same government standards as everybody else. Since then, the Driver CPC has been keeping HGV drivers’ skills at the high level required for their job, thanks to periodic training. And while there are some drivers who aren’t affected by the legislation (like people who driver for emergency services, the military and those who drive in the course of other duties, like scaffolding), the majority of drivers Are, and will need the legislation.


How Much Does it Cost? 

The cost of your Driver CPC qualification will vary depending on the training school you choose. There is no fixed price for CPC training, so your price will depend on your location, as well as what CPC training you actually need. The HGV Training Centre can offer competitive rates on Driver CPC training, which means you don’t need to go shopping around to find the best option. Whether you need express training to get you on the road fast, or would rather train at a slower, easier pace, we can offer a course that suits your needs, and your budget.



Which Training do I Need?


  • If you passed your car test before January 1997: Then you need to undergo ongoing periodic training. Every 5 years you will need to do 35 hours of refresher training after your initial CPC, or if you prefer, you can do 7 hours refresher training each year and spread it out. The periodic training is in a classroom setting, and covers any and all elements of HGV driving. Since technology is developing quite quickly, many drivers find the refresher training a useful way to stay on top of things. If you passed your car test before January 197 and had until September 2014 to complete your 35 hour periodic training requirement, then you will need to either do your full Driver CPC again, or do the full 35 hours of training. Whichever you prefer.



  • If you passed your car test after January 1997: here, you’re essentially starting from the drawing board, and you will need to take (and pass) the initial Driver CPC qualification. This is a critical part of the process for getting your HGV license, so without passing the 2 modules that make up the qualification (Module 2 and Module 4), you won’t have the ‘permit’ to work as a professional HGV driver.



If you would like to know more about the Driver CPC, or have any questions we haven’t answered here, we would be more than happy to help. Just get in touch with one of our advisors, and we can talk it through with you.

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