Horsebox Training designed for the Equestrian Community. You can legally drive a Horsebox from the age of 18, and our dedicated Training Course only takes FOUR days.

The Training is cheaper and easier than you think and driving your Horsebox yourself is often the cheapest way to transport your horses.

At HGV Driver Training Centre, we’re used to working with Stables, Stud Farms, Livery Yards, Parents and Riders to deliver dedicated, expert Horsebox Training Nationwide.

Many HGV Training companies offer training, but HGV Driver Training Centre prides itself on delivering Training which caters for your Horse Transportation requirements.

You’ll need specific information about transporting a live load, a firm and thorough knowledge of Health and Safety procedures, and a good grounding in the Working Time Regulations.

We make a point of differentiating between our trainees; we know your requirements are different and unique, and that’s what makes us the market leaders in Training Courses.

We offer training on:

  • Small rigid Horseboxes between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes (C1)
  • Small rigid Horseboxes towing trailer (C1+E)
  • Large Rigid Horseboxes over 7.5 tonnes (C)
  • Very large articulated Horsebox combinations (C+E)

We also offer a 2-day classroom based course, teaching you the rules and regulations of the road once you have obtained your licence. The course covers;

  • Loading/unloading
  • Driver and load security
  • Driving hours
  • Rules & regulations
  • International driving
  • Tachographs
If you can’t see your horsebox type listed here, or need any other information, just give us a call to discuss our other training options on 0808 168 5255, or click here for an instant quote on your  Training