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Your Frequently Asked Questions About HGV Driver Training

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Starting a new career as an HGV driver is exciting. It can also be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve done nothing similar to it before. But don’t let the unknown put you off. Driving HGVs is an incredibly rewarding experience, and thanks to Covid-19 many people have now seen just how important HGV drivers really are in keeping our country running and economy afloat. But if you’re considering moving into the industry, you may have a few questions, particularly around how the training will work, and what it requires. This blog post will hopefully answer some of those questions, and give you a good base of knowledge to make your decisions from.


How Old Do I Need To Be?

18. That’s nice and easy isn’t it?


How Does Training Work?

While the process can look a little daunting, in reality getting your HGV license is quite simple. With us, you will go through a 5-step process to get you on the road:


  • Register for a course and receive your starter pack. This pack includes all of your license application and medical forms, along with access to our online theory revision portal.


  • You attend a basic medical exam and send off the forms for a provisional HGV licence (a pre-paid envelope for this is in your pack.


  • Once you have your provisional license, we book in your theory test for you, and support you in your revision using our online tool.


  • Congratulations, you’d passed your theory! Now we get you driving, with a 4-day intensive course with one of our experienced HGV instructors.


  • Once you’re trained up, we guide you through your practical tests, and get you on the road! We can even help you in finding a new job once you’re ready to go.




Are There Lots Of Tests?

In comparison to your standard driving license, yes, there are lots of tests. But in reality, they don’t feel like any more, since they are done at the same time. For example, you will take 2 theory tests – but most people take them at the same time, which means it feels like one test. The same goes for the practical elements – there are 2 practical tests, which are usually done at the same time. So while you’re taking 4 tests, it doesn’t feel like a huge number – so don’t worry!



How Long Does Training Take?

Again, the time of the training will depend on your training school, but with us, your training can be done in under a week. Our intensive courses are designed to get you trained up and on the road quickly, while ensuring you are safe and know everything you need to know about driving your HGV. There are a few little things you will need to do before you start your course, but it’s mostly paperwork related, and your trainer will let you know what they are.



How Much Does It Cost?

How much is costs you to become a qualified HGV driver will also depend on where you are and which school you choose. Some schools will charge a much larger sum, especially if their courses are longer. Because we’ve perfected delivering our high-standard training in a short space of time, we are able to pass the savings onto our customers, so you will find our prices very competitive. Each licence cost is different though, so you will need to take a look at your specific course, or talk to us about your needs.



How Much Could I Earn?

If you’d asked us that question 10 years ago, you would have got a very different answer. A decade ago HGV drivers weren’t paid very well at all, which is one of the reasons it wasn’t seen as a great profession to go into. But now, the value of a skilled HGV driver has been proven time and time again, and the pay scale has moved with it. Now, the average HGV driver holding a C+E license can earn up to £32K a year – more if you hold other licenses as well. And the good news is we expect these pay scales to go up even more in the next few years, as online ordering and shopping takes off and become more popular.


If you would like to know more, or you have a question we haven’t answered, we would love to hear from you. Just get in touch with us today.

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