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HGV Hazards – Helping You Pass Your Theory Test

Being able to understand and recognise hazards on the road is an essential skill for all drivers, and particularly for HGV drivers. Because the brake speed for HGVs is slower than a standard car, HGV drivers need to be more aware of developing hazards on the road, and how to react to them in plenty […]

Is There Still a Demand for HGV Drivers in 2021?

When it comes to choosing a career, there are probably a few things you’ll think about. The kind of job it is, whether you have the skills needed, and how suited it is to your lifestyle. But one of the big considerations is often how essential the role is – and therefore how secure your […]

HGV Driver Hours – A Beginners Guide

Did you know that HGV drivers can’t just drive for as long as they want? It might sound efficient, but driving for 9 hours at a time wouldn’t be the best experience for the driver! Instead, they take regular breaks so that they can relax, recharge, and hit the road again fresh and alert. But […]

What Does The Driver Training Medical Exam Cover?

When you’re going through your driver training to become a HGV driver, you probably feel like there are a lot of different hoops you have to jump through. And to be honest, you would be right. That’s because HGV drivers have a lot of responsibility, not only to get their cargo to its destination safely […]

Keeping Yourself Safe On The Road

When it comes to being a HGV driver, it can seem like there is a lot to remember. But the good thing is, once you’ve learnt it, it all becomes second nature very quickly. But one of the areas that takes a little bit more work is safety. Not of the HGV, or even the […]

What’s it Like to be a HGV Driver?

One of the biggest questions we get asked by aspiring HGV drivers is ‘what’s it really like?’ And we can’t blame them for asking. Most of them are completely new to the industry, and unlike office jobs, where it’s relatively easy to guess what the day to day job will be like, driving a HGV […]

The History of HGVs

If you’ve been with us a while, you know that we firmly believe that HGVs are critical to keeping our country running. As the recent issues with Brexit have shown, we rely on HGVs to move goods around the country and in and out, and without them, life would be very different. But how did […]

The New Look for Haulage

Well, here we are. After years of discussion, debate and negotiation, the UK has now officially left the EU. Now, instead of speculating about what Brexit might do to various industries, we are now starting to see the real impact. Of course it’s still early days, but in some industries the changes have already started […]

How Important is Driver Mental Health

We’ve talked a lot about how essential HGV drivers are. The pandemic has highlighted this better than we ever could – after all without logistics companies and HGV drivers many more businesses would have collapsed during these difficult times. But that’s an awful lot of pressure for HGV drivers to face, and on top of […]

HGV Training Jargon Buster

When it comes to learning to drive an HGV, you would think the whole process is fairly straightforward. But in reality, that’s far from the case. In fact, there are a lot of words, terms and phrases you’re going to come across that you may not have heard before. Like any industry, the HGV world […]

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