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Now that the Christmas period is completely over and we’re all back at work, some of you might be feeling a bit lost. Not sure if your job is fulfilling you any more, and thinking that a change of scenery might be in order. These kinds of feelings are all very normal, and come under the heading of ‘New Year blues’. The best cure? A change of career. And this year, there is no better career to try than an HGV driver. Not sure? We have 4 reasons you should give it a try.

Truly Flexible Working Opportunities

As the years go by, we know more and more workplaces are embracing flexible working for their employed. But for many, it still doesn’t go much past being able to work from home from time to time. But as an HGV driver, you have you, your vehicle and the open road. Demand for HGV drivers is so high that you could go anywhere in the country and find a job, or even set up on your own and truly be master of your own time. An even if you work for a company, you’ll be set delivery routines and schedules, and the freedom to do what you need to to meet them. It’s one of the most versatile career options out there in terms of flexibility, so if that’s important to you, don’t miss out on it.

Become Part of a Bigger Solution

As you may (or may not) know, the UK is in the middle of an enormous driver shortage. It’s been going on for several years, and with Brexit on the horizon it’s only set to get worse. But haulage and deliveries are a key component of our economy, and things will start to get difficult if that need isn’t met. As a new HGV driver, you could be part of the solution, becoming the new generation of talent to take the place of the retiring drivers. You would never have to scrabble around for work – you could take your pick of companies to work for, or even set up as a freelance driver, If you’re looking for career stability, you couldn’t do much better.

Earn a Decent Living

Speaking of demand, driving an HGV is also a great way to make a living with a nice, comfortable salary to match your skills. As the skills shortage worsens, many businesses are starting to offer higher salaries and better benefits in order to attract drivers to their business. On average, a first time HGV driver could expect to earn £30,000 a year, with any additional bonuses and benefits on top of that. With a lot of companies offering extra salary to drivers who have multiple licences, there is always a way to increase your earning potential.

Enjoy Job Security

Sadly, Brexit is still an absolute shambles, and the uncertainty caused by it is only getting worse. Many people are worried about another recession, and that losing their jobs may well be on the horizon. But if you’re an HGV driver, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. Sure, there are some implications for Brexit on haulage, but the demand for drivers is something that won’t disappear. The need for goods to be moved across the country has, and always will, be needed, which makes good, skilled drivers a valuable commodity. If you don’t want to be worried about losing your job, there’s nothing better to be than an HGV driver.

So where do you start to get to a career as an HGV driver? Well, first you need to get some training under your belt! From working out what license you want to take, understanding all that’s involved in the tests, getting the training and finally taking your test, we at the HGV Training Centre can help. To find out more about how you can start your HGV journey, just get in touch with the HGV Training Centre team today.

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