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Thank you for your comments and questions on last week’s blog and I hope it helped with looking at your new career in the HGV industry.

This week I have decided to look into forklift training I have had many enquiries and questions about what course they need to do and where to start.

There are many different types of forklift courses and licences you can obtain. You have telescopic licence, counterbalance and also reach. The Telescopic forklift licence is by far the most popular licence to obtain. The reason being for this is not many people have this licence. The training provides all candidates with all the tools and an intensive course.

This is not just your everyday forklift that you would find in a warehouse lifting items a few feet from the floor. The standard forklift is completely different in many ways. Firstly the size of a conventional forklift is half the size of a telescopic forklift, this means that the tasks and accessories used are completely different and enable all kinds of industries to use this vehicle. This vehicle is widely used in agriculture and construction.

This vehicle has a complex four-wheel drive system which means that the telescopic forklift is very versatile which is why most companies/employers prefer these vehicles.

The training course takes 3-5 days of training before taking and exam. Health and safety is very important when going through the process of training on this licence. The telescopic forklift is the largest of the forklift family and should be treated with respect. These vehicles are over double the size of a normal forklift and it is crucial that health and safety is taken seriously with these vehicles.

At HGV Driver Training Centre our instructors have been given a high standard of training so they can pass on their knowledge and experience to our candidates. There are over 50 centres in the UK, where our candidates can learn in the most up to date vehicles. Our instructors are here to support throughout the whole process of obtaining the licence. They train the clients from all backgrounds so whether you are coming from an agricultural background or a completely different area we can train you to pass this test.

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