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Periodic CPC and the Benefits

HGV Training Centre

Hello guys! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s blog on HGV driver shortage & recruitment and I hope it got you all thinking about the fresh and younger generation of drivers that the HGV industry needs. Thank you for your feedback and comments!

This week at HGV driver training centre I have been looking at Periodic CPC and the benefits.

There is a high percentage of people who agree with the Periodic CPC training but there is also a percentage that doesn’t. Here at the HGV Driver Training Centre agree to Periodic CPC Training and we vote YES! “Why I here you say?” well let me explain…

How many lorry drivers do you see every day on the roads? Do you notice the size of the lorry that they are driving? Are you thinking to yourself “there is a lot of responsibility in driving a truck of that size, I hope there is a good driver behind the wheel?” Maybe you’re just thinking “I’ll avoid going near that lorry driver.” and then overtake them in the fast lane to get past as quick as possible. The main thing you are probably thinking (and most people do) is, “is that HGV driver a competent lorry driver?” and we can answer that for you. Due to the implementation of Periodic CPC, the answer is… YES!!!

Periodic CPC training makes drivers expand their knowledge and skills to ensure they are safe out on the roads. All newly qualified drivers must know everything there is to know about their lorry and they must have a full understanding of all laws & regulations in order to be on the road. Periodic CPC also encourages the drivers to practise their knowledge of Health & Safety. Just like all other trades, such as plumbing and building all companies have health & safety practised in place and it’s in place for a reason.  To keep YOU and OTHERS SAFE.

Periodic CPC is (in Michael Jackson’s words) as easy as 123…but in all seriousness it is! At HGV Driver Training Centre we pride ourselves on our Period CPC courses we run nationally and as such, we make our Periodic CPC sessions as fun and interactive as possible. Keeping the sessions to 7-hour slots not only allows them to be enjoyable but at the same time allows drivers to learning new things.

Our Periodic CPC classes are all classroom based and are attendance courses only. This means that as long as you attend you will obtain 7 hours periodic CPC towards your 35 hours, 5 yearly requirements. There is no pass or fail.

Most of our training sessions start at approximately 8am.  You will be registered onto the course by the Instructor who will do a quick ID check to sign you in. You must ensure you take along both parts of your licence and your driver qualification card if you have one.

Your session will be made up of interactive discussions with your Instructor, videos, power point presentations and hands-on experience with equipment, such as tachograph readers, where required. There will be breaks included in the day so if you want to take 5 minutes out to have a cigarette, vape or grab some food there will be plenty of time to do so.

The modules we can offer include subjects such as:

  • Driving skills, safe and fuel efficient driving and Customer Service
  • Tachographs (Analogue) Working Time Directive, Drivers hours, health & wellbeing, Tachographs (Digital), preventing illegal immigrants/packages & vehicle safety.
  • Walk around checks, defect reports & safe loading, Professional driver & company issues, health & safety in emergencies.
  • Understanding driver’s hours, and working time directive, Tachographs (Analogue)/ Security & company procedures, Health & Safety & Alcohol & drug awareness.
  • Safe and fuel efficient driving

To get your Periodic CPC booked in today please contact one of our trained advisors on 0808 168 5255 or if you are calling from a mobile please dial 0121 2270860.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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