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At HGV Driver Training Centre we are committed not only to helping our trainees to gain their licences but also to getting them into work. There is nothing more satisfying to us than knowing that one of our trainees has got their foot on the ladder of their new career and being safe in the knowledge that the only way for them now, is up! Our thought is this; what is the benefit of gaining the licence if you don’t have anything to do with it afterwards? For all those who are gaining their licence for personal use, they are sorted, driving their horsebox or being able to hire that minivan when the whole family are going away, fantastic. But for those who are looking to start a new career, the road ahead can seem long and bumpy. That is why here at HGV Driver Training Centre we specialise in both training and recruitment! When you first sign up with us you are signing up to the whole package, think of us as your one-stop shop

When you first sign up with us you are signing up to the whole package, think of us as your one stop shop for all things HGV or PCV. Some trainees are just completing add-on’s to their licence, some are starting from scratch, whichever of these categories you fall into, as long as you book and complete that training with us you will benefit from our recruitment package at no extra charge!

Our recruitment package includes:

  • CV Checking, for those who already have a CV which is perhaps tailored to a different industry
  • CV Writing, for those who do not have a CV at all
  • Cover Letter Writing, easily edited for individual jobs
  • Recruitment Search, compiling a list of jobs available in your area suitable for you
  • Interview Tips, we can offer as list of tips and techniques to ace your interview
  • Links to Employers, we work with companies who are looking to employee new drivers
  • And so much more…

With over 30,000 job vacancies in the HGV industry, it is a fantastic time to be considering making lorry driving your next career move and we can help you get there. With our dedicated team of advisors and highly skilled instructors getting you through your training and test while our specialist recruitment team get your CV ready and start filtering down the most suitable jobs in your area, making the change to a new career has never been so easy. HGV Driver Training centre will be there every step of the way helping you to turn your HGV dream into reality. We will stay with you right up until you have gained employment; just let us know what you need from us to help you on your way. So how does it all work, let’s take a look:

  • Give us a call on 0808 168 5255 and have a chat with one of our friendly team to see what you need.
  • Work with your dedicated training coordinator to apply for the licence and pass your theory.
  • Send us in your CV so we can get it ready for when you pass.
  • Attend your 4-day training course with one of our highly skilled and friendly instructors, in a location to suit you.
  • Pass your test!!!
  • Complete any necessary CPC training.
  • Let our Training Operations team know what type of work you would prefer, what location you would like to work in and any other preferences you have.
  • Receive weekly lists of suitable jobs for your licence type which meet your criteria.
  • Apply for work then wow them at interview.
  • Enjoy your amazing new career!!!!

With so many vacancies out there you may think it’ll be a walk in the park gaining your first job but the HGV industry has become much more selective in its hiring practice over the last few years, taking greater care when it comes to health and safety and knowledge of the regulations. Although the industry is becoming more and more for the younger generation they are still the ones struggling the most to get their foot in the door. Not to worry, we understand that searching for a job which meets all your requirements and where the employer is happy to accept a new driver is a long and time-consuming task as there are so many vacancies to filter through. At HGV Driver Training Centre we want to take the hassle out of your search. We will take all your requirements, licence restrictions and preferences and search through the vacancies until we compile a list of vacancies which are suitable for you. We will send this list to you on a weekly basis for you to look through and apply at your leisure.

In order to apply for these vacancies, you will need to have a great CV. An employer will make a judgment on you before they even meet you just based on your CV alone. There isn’t a chance to win them over with your wit and charm unless you can land the interview in the first place. In order to get the interview, you will need a CV which stops the employer in the tracks and encourages them to read on and learn all about you. By the time you get to interview you should already be someone they want to hire! When it comes to a CV we have found that candidates tend to fall into one of two categories, either you have a CV which is completely aimed at a different industry, i.e. accounting or catering, or you haven’t got a CV at all. Either way, HGV Driver Training Centre can help. If you do not have a CV our recruitment specialists will work with you to create one from scratch if you have one but it needs altering our team will amend it as necessary to make sure it reflects the HGV industry as best as we can.

That’s it! Does that sound good to you? Give us a call on 0808 168 5255 and see how we can help

The HGV industry is such a vast one and it offers a huge amount of opportunities. There are several different types of driving you can do; long haul, short haul, multidrop, trunking, tramping, EU driving, tipper, roll on roll off, HiAb, ADR, and so many others. All of these have their own benefits it’s just about working out what is best for you. Do you want to fit your job around family life? If so multi-drop and short haul trips are probably best for you as you will never be more than a couple of hours from home. Do you long for open roads and adventure? In that case, you are most likely to lean towards tramping and perhaps even EU driving, this means you would be away for several days at a time and need to sleep in the cab, this type of role mean you will be exploring new areas all the time. Perhaps you want someone in the middle? If so then trunking or long haul is probably best for you. Although driving much further you tend to do a similar distance each day and therefore will know how long you will be gone and should know what time you’ll be home each day.

Within each of these categories of driving,, there are so many different types of deliveries; refrigerated deliveries, livestock transport, retail, food, home deliveries, industrial goods, car transportation, the list is endless! A fantastic thing about the huge range of work available means that you have the possibility to make sure each day is never the same, one day you could be delivering cages to a supermarket and the next day you could be transporting aeroplane engines to their next production factory. What you are delivering is largely determined by the area you are in, although retail and supermarket deliveries and standard across the UK, factory pick-ups / drop-offs are more region specific. For example, in the South West, they produce a large amount of food whereas the West Midlands are home to a large amount of big brands production plants. In Wales, the focus is highly on agriculture but in the South East, there is an abundance of clothing manufacturers. It might be worth having a look at the types of jobs available near you even before gaining you licence to start getting an idea of what you would like to do and how available it is to you.

Once you have somehow narrowed down a type of driving and a suitable load from the enormous choice, you then also have the choice of day shifts, nights shifts, 4 on 4 off shifts, weekends only or if you are self-employed you can pretty much choose the shifts as you go! Again there are many benefits for each one and it really depends on your preference and other commitments. Those with a young family may choose to work a standard 9-5 day whereas some people could be looking to drive as a second job and only want evening or weekend work. With such a huge amount of choice, you will probably find it easier to narrow down the things you would not like to do rather than what you would like to do. Also remember that having such a range of options means a large choice of work, the more options you discard the smaller your pond of job opportunities will become, this bigger your pond the better your chance of finding a great role.

Got an idea of what you want and want to get started? Give us a call on 0808 168 5255 and see what you need to do to get started on your new career path.

With such a range of work available and such high salaries available for drivers, it is no wonder that so many people want to make the switch to HGV driving for a living. Logistics makes up 5% of the UK’s employment, this may not seem a lot but when you consider that the industry which is the biggest employer in the UK is retail at 16% it puts it into perspective. Logistics is so much more important than people realise, without it how does food get from production factories to supermarkets? Without it how do planes, trains and automobiles get made! Without it how would any retail goods get to the shop floor? Without it how would herds of cattle and sheep get transported? There is so much that would not be possible without the truckers there to the driver the goods from A to B. If you are considering starting in the HGV industry you are considering being part of something great!

Being an HGV driver is an extremely skilled profession, there is so much more to learn than just driving the vehicle. With our dedicated training coordinators and highly skilled instructors we will teach you everything you need to know to get qualified in this industry. As an aid to recruitment we also suggest attending one of our 2 days Direct Access Courses. On these courses you will learn many skills which are completely invaluable to an employer such as:

  • Using Digital Tachographs
  • EU Rules and Regulations
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid at work
  • Drivers Hours
  • Working Time Directive
  • And so much more…

With a 1st time pass on your Category C or C+E course, all necessary CPC training completed, a Direct Access Course and a top-class CV you will be well on your way to finding that dream HGV job that you are looking for. At HGV Driver Training Centre we are here to help you, we will tailor your package to make it what you need. Here from start to finish, together we will make the perfect team!

Why not let us help you on your journey into this amazing new career and start your HGV training today!

Call us now on 0808 168 5255 and we will get you started straight away.

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