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Oldest Driver at 103: Could You Pass the HGV Test?

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The Oldest driver in the world is a 103 years old from Cambridge. He has more than 80 years driving experience and the former resident of Italy was driving HGV before most of us were born which is quite crazy to think really. But even more crazy is that he has never had an accident in the 80+years of driving. The main question is could he pass his HGV licence nowadays at the age of 103?

Rozzo born in Italy, is where he first obtain his driving licence in the military. He drove in the military for around 20 years then come over to England in early 1953. His first job in England was an ice cream man and milkman, this gave him the opportunity to drive every day until he decided to retire.

Even though Rozzo had no accidents in his 82 years of driving, he did manage to get a couple of speeding tickets. Rozzo claimed the speeding fines were issued in the years when he was still working for living, when he was driving a lot of miles and quite a few more than he does today. He driving nowadays consists of driving to his wife’s grave daily and running a few errands. And the good news is, his licence is now clean.

Rozzo also has said he has no intention to stop driving and as long as he is healthy and fight fit he will remain to drive until told otherwise, and why should he not? There is no age limit for obtaining your driving licence in the UK.

No Small Feat

We are amused over the fact of Rozzo would a truly be able to pass his HGV test nowadays based on him being 80+years of age without any accidents. In order for Rozzo not to of had a crash is very impressive and takes an awful lot of skill and patience, with obviously a tad bit of luck. More so that Rozzo drove for years as part of his working career.

If he could pass his HGV test or not this is one thing, but a certain point is that the younger drivers of today can certainly learn a lot from Rozzo. The maintaining of road safety is something we could all do with learning on a constant bases, hopefully one day Rozzo will have an interview and share with us all his safety secrets. Until this happens though the way we can all be safer on the roads is by.

  • maintaining proper speeds
  • avoiding dangerous manoeuvres
  • avoiding distracted driving
  • adjusting our driving to the weather
  • making sure vehicles are up to safety standards
  • Occasionally brushing up on the law.

Driving safely is no accident, it is the result of paying careful attention to detail on the road and being cognisant of your surroundings while driving. Here at HGV Driver Training Centre safe driving is a massive part of what we teach and to prepare our candidates on taking their HGV test prior to obtaining there HGV driving licence. The safer the driver on the road is the best kind of driver to have on the road.

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