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New Ways To Ward Off Petrol Theft

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HGV drivers are very rarely the victims of crime while on the road, there’s just too much moving around. But on one of the few occasions that they are targeted, it is often for the crime of petrol theft. The fuel in an HGV is sometimes as financially valuable the HGV’s actual cargo, and it’s almost always easier to access, especially as HGV’s can be left unattended during rest stops. Stopping in unsecured spots overnight, or leaving the vehicle for a break has always carried the small risk that a fuel thief could find their way into the fuel tank and siphon off their fuel, leaving the drivers to clear up the problem. But not, there might be a solution.

Petrol Thief Solutions

With fuel theft becoming more and more common, it is not surprising that a number of anti-theft solutions have been devised over the years. These usually take the form of alarms, but one new and very promising solution has already been snapped up by Co-Op. Earlier in the year, the giant group took steps to protect its fleet of HGV’s by installing a new device that blocks all access to the vehicles’ fuel. The device is called the ‘impregnable-HF’, and it works by locking off the fuel as soon as it reaches the top of the tank using a floating lock valve, which rests on the surface of the fuel. With the device acting as a barrier between the opening of the tank and the fuel inside it, skimming or syphoning the fuel is physically impossible. And as a bonus, it not only stops fuel theft, but it prevents accidental spillage and overfilling, saving money for the company as well.

Tips For Preventing Fuel Theft

  • Never leave your HGV unattended in unsecured rest areas, such as roadsides. An official rest stop is always gated and guarded, so drivers can rest without worrying about their vehicle. But by the roadside, you are easy pickings for a fuel thief.
  • Install fences, lighting and security cameras in vehicle yards. These areas are popular targets for fuel thieves, as they can skim the largest amount of fuel without as much effort. To deter them, make it as difficult as possible to get in unnoticed and leave without a trace.
  • Fit Anti-syphoning devices or alarms like the ones described above. These are often visible from the outside of the vehicle (except the impregnable-HF) so they will put off potential thieves from going anywhere near your vehicle, so your vehicle avoids any damage from their attempts as well.
  • Park defensively. Park all of your vehicles in a way that blocks access to fuel tanks, adding another layer of difficulty to deter thieves and send them looking for easier pickings
  • Educate your drivers. If you are part of a group of drivers, make sure everyone understand the impact of fuel theft and the real risk it presents Teach them how to take steps to avoid it on the road and provide as much training and information as you can.

While on the road, HGV drivers thoughts are completely consumed by ensuring that they and everyone else on the road are safe. But because driving for long periods is so mentally draining, HGV drivers often forget safety procedures when they stop for rest breaks. By making these small changes, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money and stress, as well as protecting yourself against theft. For more information on protecting your HGV from fuel theft, get in touch with the team today.

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