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Make Sure You’re Towing Legally

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Hello and I hope you are all well this week, this week I have done my research and have looked at Towing legally. Are you towing legally?

This question has been raised by many people and put my way and seems to be the question on the road. I believe the problem is the lack of knowledge on the licenses and knowing the regulations.

To break it down and show the regulations in short please see below:


  • Licences issued from 19 January 2013 – Drivers with a category B licence can tow small trailers with weights up to 750 kg; heavier trailers can be towed as long as the combined weight of both trailer and car does not exceed 3,500 kg.


  • Licences held from 1 January 1997 – Drivers who have held licences since 1997 have two options in addition to what was previously listed. First, they can tow a trailer of up to 750 kg with a vehicle of up to 3,500 kg as long as the combined weight is not exceed 4,250 kg. The second option allows them to tow a trailer heavier than 750 kg as long as it is not heavier than the car and the combined weight does not exceed 3,500 kg.


  • Licences held prior to 1997 – Drivers who were issued licences prior to 1997 can tow trailers of any size, up to a combined limit of 8.5 tons. They are also allowed to tow a trailer of up to 750 kg behind a minibus.Please be advised that exceeding the details above and limits you will require at least the B+E entitlement. And some cases, the C1+E would be necessary. It is down to the responsibility of the driver to assess his or her own situation to make sure they are compliant.


Being provided with the correct training

There are a lot of people that do tow trailers in violation of the law. This maybe just ignorance or just a general mistake there end with not knowing the laws, But a lot of the time it will be that they are aware that they are towing illegally and believe the cost of a doing there trailer licence is too much money. But it will no longer be an excuse now that all details are provided on this blog with us here at HGV Driver Training Centre and you have been made aware and shown the regulations. The great thing is here at HGV Driver Training Centre we provide all the training needed to obtain your trailer licence and at a very affordable price.

The training we do is to the highest standard in the industry and is all comprehensive training for all candidates and at a very affordable price. All HGV Driver Training Centre instructors will teach all candidates how to couple and uncouple trailers, manoeuvring a trailer in small and tight spaces, also how to drive safely on all roads and be able to carry out all the safety checks and inspections. Once you have completed our trailer training course your be more than ready to take the practical test.

The great thing you will be happy to know is the training and learning of towing a trailer is not difficult at all or as it may seem. You must have your car licence (Category B entitlement) you are already in the know for the general highway safety rules. What our trailer training course at HGV Driver Training Centre will do for our candidates will strengthen their knowing knowledge they already have and will teach them how to safely drive with trailers.

All of our training courses are created to be the most efficient and focused training courses around, HGV Driver Training Centre will give you all the training and tools necessary in order to pass your test and hold the licence you need.

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