Is There a Difference between HGV and LGV?

Being the largest HGV Training and recruitment provider in the UK, we are always asked Is there a difference between HGV and LGV?. There appears to be lots of confusion between the abbreviations. The simple fact is that ‘HGV’ and ‘LGV’ are not separate classes or different licences. The two classes available to drivers are Cat C and C+E.

Under both UK and European law the ‘HGV’ (heavy good vehicle) and ‘LGV’ (Large good vehicle) is exactly the same licence. The Classification still sands as HGV/LGV are commercial trucks with a gross combination mass of more than 3500kg.

The confusion usually comes from the term ‘LGV’ being used incorrectly. Some refer this as light goods vehicle. This would be any vehicle below the gross weight of 3500kg. These vehicles you can drive on a standard B licence. Although some of these vehicles may exceed the weight limits when loaded. Which is why many people have to obtain licences to be able to take the weight they wish.

Now that you are aware of HGV/LGV classifications. Cat C is going to be the first licence that you should be looking to obtain. This licence can be used for many different purposes from a professional driver driving tippers/flatbeds/box vehicles all the way to personal use for a horsebox.

If you are looking to get a HGV/LGV licence there are only a few things you need to have. The first is a Full UK licence. The second is to be over the age of 18. Then the last step is to pass a medical and theory test and attend a 4 day training course. As a company we can arrange a bespoke package around you to obtain a HGV/LGV licence.

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