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Is HGV Training Worthwhile?

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We guess that you are visiting out website because you are either looking to become a HGV Driver or you already hold a HGV licence. You have more than likely heard about the benefits of being a professional driver. Now the question is: Is HGV training a worthwhile investment?

There is no real method that we have in place to tell you if you should invest into obtaining a HGV licence or not. But we can compare this to a few things that may help you have a further thoughts. We are comparing the cost of HGV training costs to a standard university course at a UK University.

At The HGV Driver Training Centre we represent the largest network of training schools in the UK. So this means that we can tell you the average prices of HGV training can go from as little as £1200 to £5000. But the most important thing is to recognise what you are getting for the money.


When you registered onto a course you need to make sure that the training provider is offering you everything from forms to the recruitment. At HGV Driver Training Centre we supply a course that will cover everything you require to obtain a HGV licence. Someone who studies and learns quickly can complete the training course within 6 weeks. Some candidates may take longer to complete the course but usually it should not reach 12 weeks. Once the course is completed, a licenced driver will then be ready to start work.

For an average student who undergoes an undergraduate programme at university can spend anything from £6000 to £9000 per year. In Wales you will pay no more than £3900 per year (but this is only for tuition).


The average cost for a student living in the UK is around £12,000. So unless they have parents who are happy to keep them at home the costs can rise very quickly.


One benefit of studying at university is it can be financed with grants/loans and government funding. The downside is they start off their careers in thousands of pounds of debt. But the positive is that you can get onto a course for under £1500 and get out there into your new career as a driver.

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