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HGV Theory Test: Hazard Perception Tips

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The HGV theory test. Consist of two parts the multiple choice & Hazard perception which makes up the second part of the two-part exam; candidates have to score at least 67 to pass it.

Testing the ability to perceive developing hazards involves which there are 19 videos clips which is viewed on a computer screen in the theory test centre. 18 of those videos, there is developing hazards that the candidate needs to identify as quickly as possible. One of the clips does contains two developing hazards also.

Below you will find five helpful Hazard perception tips that will help your performance on HGV theory test for your Hazzard perception:

  1. Learn Developing Hazards

Tip one should be obvious: you need to know what is considered as a developing hazard. Random clicks with no knowledge is not going to help you. You can learn the correct click points by studying the online theory revision we provide and by taking mock tests or by studying the DVLA material.

  1. Practice mock tests

There are a number of free online practice tests you can take. When you register up for your course with HGV Driver Training Centre we will provide you with your online theory revision that includes all necessary practice tests. Take as many as them as possible, it will help. The more practice you get, the better you will perform on your test day.

  1. Get a good night’s rest

The night before your HGV theory test, be sure to get an early night so you are fully charged in the morning. You need to be awake and alert if you are going to perform at your best. That means don’t stay up late partying with your friends or playing on your PC till the early hours. So Turn off the television, disconnect from social media, don’t be that person who fails before even doing your theory test.

  1. Leave your mobile at home

It may be a hard one to do, but one of the best things to do for yourself is to leave your mobile at home or in the car. The last thing you don’t need to happen on test day is getting distractions from push notifications or text messages or emails. If you are unable to leave your mobile at home or in your car just make sure you turn your mobile off as you enter the theory test centre. Nothing should be distracting you from the goal a head.

  1. Don’t Randomly Click

Once the Hazzard perception clips start, avoid the temptation of being trigger happy and clicking straight away. The more you click, the worse your score will be. Why you ask? Because the software used assumes excessive clicking means you are guessing rather than knowing what to look for.

The HGV theory test isn’t the hardest test in the world to accomplish as long as you prepare for it. We don’t want unprepared candidates passing their theory tests and getting there HGV licence without knowing the full ins and outs of being on the road for real. If you are looking to obtaining your commercial HGV driving licence, please do get in touch with us at the HGV Driver Training Centre. We will get your fully prepared for the HGV theory test and CPC theory test as well as the training and getting your through your practical test at the end, Train with confidence with HGV Driver Training Centre.

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