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Hello guys! Hope you are all well? And enjoyed last week’s blog on Periodic CPC and the Benefits. I had a lot of feedback and comments so thank you for that and please keep in touch.

So this week at the HGV Driver training centre I have looked in to any changes in the industry and I came across the speed limit has changed in England and wales and has been increased on single/dual carriageways.


Now the speed increase is going up by 10mph so 40mph to 50mph on single carriageways and from 50mph to 60mph on dual carriageways this is for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes. What I also found out this hasn’t been reviewed or looked at in the HGV industry since the 1980s which is quite some time. There are many different opinions on the speed increase which is understandable from both sides, but as times change and the way of life changes and demand is much more it means more of a fast paced and busier and more populated world that we must be able to keep up in the logistic industry.

The transport minister, Claire Perry, said: “It is really important that speed limits for Lorries reflect the needs of a modern transport network and improved vehicle technology.”

She also added: “Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world and I am determined to ensure this continues,” and said the change would ensure speed limits for lorry drivers are in line with other larger vehicles on Britain’s roads.

In Scotland and Europe the speed limit will be remaining the same at 56mph or lower, why? We aren’t too sure and is it a matter of time before they follow in the footsteps of England and wales? We will have to wait and see.

Also agreeing with the speed change of the HGV industry was Malcolm Bingham, head of the road network management policy of the FTA (Freight Transport Association) as he has said the hasty overtaking by motorists and getting frustrated was sadly often resulted in accidents and with the HGV drivers now being able to use the additional speed when and where to do so and also in a safe manner will gain running-cost benefits. Another point that has been put forward is the technology in Lorries has advanced massively since the old existing laws in the 1980s which makes HGVs much safer on the roads nowadays.

We would love to hear your thoughts at here at HGV Driver Training Centre on the speed limit increase so please get in touch and let us know

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