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HGV Licence Cost and the Shortage Problem?

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Hello and I hope you are all well this week, today I am going to be speaking about the shortage due to the news reports that have been published this week which is really showing how bad things are getting in the industry.

A lot of people are asking how bad is the driver shortage is at the moment in the UK? And the answer is really bad, a news story published yesterday by the BBC said if the logistics get any worse ”eventually production lines will be hit and supermarket shelves will go un-stocked and also those beer barrels need to be delivered by someone’’ these words came from the (FTA) themselves.

The estimate for the amount of drivers needed now is a staggering 45,000 and this is growing every day, and this number doesn’t even included the drivers needed by bus companies. A lot of the older drivers nearing there retirement who were planning on driving a few more years threw in the towel early due to the 35 hours periodic CPC and the older drivers or just drivers in general thinking the CPC training was going to go away which afraid they were wrong.

Another big problem is the lack of funding at the moment in the industry to obtain the HGV licences this is causing a few issue due to people not having the money straight away to train or having to save up to do there HGV licences.

Most HGV courses do vary in cost from training provider to training provider and time scale wise can be between 5 weeks to 8 weeks from start to finish. Obviously this can be quite a bit of money for people looking to obtain there HGV licence for their new career, and if they are not working can be even worse with the lack of financing options.

The RHA and many other industry bodies have approached the government for desperate help for funding to help train new drivers due to the critical driver shortage, the government announced to invest in the UK roads and are looking to find a solution to the driver shortage ASAP even though the year’s budget didn’t have any strong information about putting more funding in to the industry and when this was looking to happen. Which as you can imagine was not what anyone was looking to hear and also ourselves here at HGV Driver Training Centre.

Fortunately we offer many different ways to pay for your training courses to make it easier for you to obtain your HGV license and for us here at HGV Driver Training Centre to get new drivers in to the industry to help fill the void that there currently is in the driver shortage.

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