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Hi guys, I’ve been looking into the recruitment side of things over here at HGV Driver Training Centre in the past few weeks and I’ve found some very interesting news!

We had always believed there was around 30,000+ HGV driver vacancies in our industry, however a few months ago the CEO of the RHA (Road Haulage Association) released the below statement;

‘Despite this increase, we estimate that we are currently 40 thousand drivers short. Do the math’s – there are simply not enough drivers to keep the economy moving.’

After reading the interview with Richard Burnett, it got me thinking, how can we attract more young or new drivers into our industry?

One of the solutions I came up with was advertising in new places, for example bus stops, where people who ordinarily wouldn’t of thought of becoming an HGV driver, also we have considered visiting schools and colleges to promote and teach the younger generation coming through, what a great and rewarding career path becoming an HGV driver could be.

The reason for doing the above work is simple; we need more drivers in our industry, and we here at HGV Driver Training Centre are experts in both HGV Training & HGV recruitment. So we can help these ladies & gentlemen in the HGV Training & HGV Recruitment.

We are even considering a new slogan to assist us in this, which reads ‘Looking for a long and rewarding career? You should consider a career in logistics’ with our contact details. Very simple and basic I know, but that is the point, it is very simple to get your HGV license, through HGV Driver Training Centre.

If you have any thoughts on the above, get in touch and let us know, otherwise you’ll hear from me in next weeks blog, which is about the benefits of periodic CPC Training.


Matt G.

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