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How do we ensure the end of HGV Shortage in Britain?

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The HGV transport industry has been suffering as of late, due to a shortage of 45,000 drivers in the UK. Lorries are essential for distributing food across the UK and without them Britain would come to a stop. There was even talk that Christmas would be in serious trouble due to the lack of drivers available.

The HGV industry is one of the top employers of jobs in the UK and is worth £74 billion to our economy. That is huge! The unfortunate truth, however, is that the average age of HGV drivers is 57, with a quarter of drivers retiring in the next 10 years and only 17,000 new drivers qualifying each year, we need more drivers in ASAP.

But why are that young drivers turn their nose up at a career that could earn them £40,000 per year?

Mainly it is family, friends and schools that give the impression of HGV driving to be an unsustainable and impractical job. There are also initial cost worries for young drivers as HGV licences cost £3,000.

However, the negative connotations surrounding an HGV career is now changing as the Government has agreed to pay £4,900 funding for the HGV Driver Trailblazer Apprenticeships. This new apprenticeship scheme will give young drivers the chance to start climbing the HGV career ladder. They will receive £3,000 to cover the HGV licence fee, as long as they contribute £1,500 of their own money and an extra £500 for completing the apprenticeship.

But what’s in it for the companies who will train these young apprentices?

Businesses that take on apprentices between the ages of 16-18 will receive £900 and even an additional £500 will be given to smaller businesses of 50 employees or less.

After a long battle, finally, we see an end to the HGV jobs drought, as fresh new drivers will begin to take a plunge into the deep end! What a great incentive!

If you are interested in an HGV career, then please contact us today. We will provide help and support for your theory and practical tests.

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