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Employers to Consider for HGV Driving in Manchester

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From the moment you begin your HGV training, there’s a good chance you’ll already be daydreaming
about the kind of employer you might be able to work with. There are plenty of great options out
there, from better-known companies like Travis Perkins, to smaller logistics brands.

The good news for anyone with an HGV license today, is you’ll have no shortage of fantastic
opportunities to make a decent wage in your new career. As demand for HGV driving skills continues
to increase, and talent shortages continue to plague the UK, there are plenty of great options out there.
You might even be able to earn more than you usually would driving an HGV in Manchester today.
Of course, the first step in making sure you get a great job (After getting your HGV license of course),
is choosing the employer you’re going to work with. Today, we’re going to be looking at just some of
the top HGV employers in Manchester today.

Choosing the Best HGV Employer
Notably, there are a huge number of companies in search of HGV drivers today, from logistics
companies and supply chain experts to individual companies. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look
at all of your options before you dive in to any potential career contract.

Keep in mind, the wages offered to HGV drivers today are rapidly increasing, with most experts
earning an average of £32,500 per year, but you could earn a lot more if you’re willing to perform
certain kinds of work (like long-haul driving). Additionally, you could already be in a good position
to earn more than most if you’re working in Manchester.

In 2021, studies showed Manchester was one of the top regions facing increasing demand for HGV
drivers, alongside locations like Bristol and Leicester. Your position in the middle of the country
means you’re in an excellent position to deliver all kind of products around the UK.

Before starting your search for the best employment opportunity, it’s worth thinking about a few
things which could guide your decision, such as:

  •  What kind of work you want to do? Are you planning on focusing on long-haul travel, or do
    you want to stay relatively close to home? What kind of HGVs do you most want to drive?
  • Benefit requirements: What matters most to you when it comes to benefits? Would you rather
    have more paid time off, or are you concerned about things like life and health insurance?
  • Long-term options: Are you looking for a HGV employer who can offer training and
    guidance to help you make the most of your career in the long-term?
  •  Commute: Are you willing to travel a little to get to the job of your dreams, or do you want
    something right on your doorstep?

The Best HGV Employers in Manchester 2022
As mentioned above, it’s worth looking at all kinds of companies when trying to find the right HGV
employer for you, but there are a handful of companies which often come out on top when it comes to
offering the right renumeration and benefits. Options include:

One of the better-known companies in the logistics landscape, DHL is always looking for educated
HGV drivers to join its ranks. With DHL, you’ll be able to access a wide range of benefits, as well as
a great competitive rate of pay compared to other roles.

You’ll also have access to various forms of insurance, including dental and disability insurance, life,
vision and health insurance. DHL offers training for drivers to help you expand your career
opportunities, and plenty of paid time off too.

Eddie Stobart:
Probably one of the more recognisable names in the logistics and supply chain world, the Eddie
Stobart team offers great opportunities to HGV professionals. With job opportunities around the UK,
Eddie Stobart can give drivers in Manchester access to extensive paid holidays, as well as top-of-the-
range well-maintained vehicles.

Drivers get DCPC training for free, as well as generous driving bonuses, and a tax free allowance to
spend to help you increase your income. Eddie Stobart also has one of the best pension options on the
market for all kinds of professionals.

Travis Perkins:
Another great option for anyone in search of a good employment opportunity in Manchester, Travis
Perkins offers its professionals access to a wide range of great benefits, including staff discounts in a
range of stores and businesses. You’ll have access to comprehensive holiday allowance options; fairly
chosen according to the hours you work.

There are performance-related bonuses for people who out-shine their competition, and various
convenient schemes, like save-as-you-earn. Travis Perkins also invests in team members with a
variety of training options too.

Providing both exceptional reliability and stability for an HGV role, DPD is one of the best employers
throughout the United Kingdom. The company offers a wide range of perks to its drivers, including
plenty of annual holidays, starting at 22 days not including the extra bank holidays and service days
you’ll get throughout the rest of the year.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with the DPD team over time, and you can get
time off for paternity and maternity too. The company also supports the in-house promotion, so you
can earn more from your career over time.

Royal Mail:
Royal Mail is one of the top employers in the UK for a range of reasons. The company is present all
over England, so you’ll have no problem finding an employment opportunity. You’ll also be able to
drive a wide range of different vehicles as part of your career.

Royal Mail employees have access to various health and life insurance options, as well as a
comprehensive pension plan so you’re properly prepared for retirement. There are various learning
opportunities available, and a paternity and maternity leave scheme too.

Finding the Best HGV Employer

There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to choosing the best HGV employer, but you should have
more options available to you than ever before in today’s skills-short marketplace. Remember before
you sign up for any employment contract consider your specific needs carefully.

If you want to start your path towards a new HGV job today, contact us to begin your training.

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