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I hope you all enjoyed my blog last week on how to become a HGV driver and thank you for all the feedback as usual and all your question you had on what to do next on starting your new career in becoming a HGV driver.

This week I have been looking at HGV course costs and making sure you are picking the correct training provider to obtain your HGV licences, With your HGV training the cost of courses does vary quite a bit throughout the industry. This does make it very difficult to compare prices. HGV Driver Training Centre we are proud and are confident of our prices and that they are some of the best prices around, Of course we are aware you want to do your research on the training industry before making your decision. Let me explain the real way to compare all the industry training course costs the right way.


First of all it is always best to ring up the training providers to compare HGV training costs on courses they provide and the course that you are after, the reasons being for doing this is most if not all training providers won’t have their course prices on line which can be annoying but at the same time it is good to speak to someone about your needs and have the process explained and that’s exactly what we do at HGV Driver Training centre and we plan to look after you from beginning to end.

Believe it or not you will come across many HGV training providers while doing your research from all different sizes and also nationwide UK training providers like us. Being able to know or find out all training providers course prices is a lot of hard work so make sure you take note of all the information you get especially the best prices thy offer of their courses.

Always remember to take in to account training providers that are accredited by the right bodies in the industry and who run the industry are the right training providers for you (RHA & FTA), how your see this is because there course prices would have been the same for many years and would only of had price changes once or twice. Basically they don’t offer discounts or mark downs on their training courses, this is where HGV Driver Training Centre is different because we care about the service you receive and don’t want your quality of training to be nothing but the best from start to finish. As discounts will only affect your service you are given.

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