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Can Lorry Drivers Ever Violate Working Hours?

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Hello and I hope you are all well this week, this week I have done my research and have looked at the Laws of driving and can lorry drivers ever violate working hours? Now the law states it very clear that HGV drivers can only drive a certain amount of time each working week and driving each day being behind the wheel. Once drivers have reached there driving allowance they then must pull over in a safe area off the road and get the mandatory rest that is required. But operation stacks can interfere with HGV drivers being able to comply with what the law states and states quite clearly. Following this it does mean can HGV drivers ever exceed there working hour limits without the threat of points or penalties? The answer is yes.

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‘’How you ask’’ well this is down to article 12 of the EU Drivers’ Hours and Regulations allows HGV drivers to go over and exceed their daily driving limits under certain rules and conditions. The cause of the HGV driver going over his/her hours must be a direct result of unexpected situations that is out of the drivers hands.

HGV drivers may go over the legal allowance of time they drive but only long enough to find safe areas to pull over off the road and break. Also a driver has to record the overtime hours and also the reason for this on their tachograph log sheet. Police officials do expect the use of common sense to be use regarding the overtime hours HGV driver go over and that they have detail notes and explanations logged.

HGV drivers must be aware that they can’t go out of their way to purposely break the working hours and rules. Also they have to do their best to find safe places to pull off the road as quick as they can if the exceeding of hours is taken place. Police officers that believe extra time is planned or HGV drivers who are not trying to find places to pull off the road quick enough will be issued with penalty.


The Necessary Rest

If we agree with the law or don’t agree with it, HGV driver’s hours regulations are put in place for the safety of them and also everyone else on the road. Another big reason is so that drivers have the appropriate amount of rest between journeys, this is making sure safe driving is in action for everybody sharing the road. In certain circumstances exceptions might be made depending on the reason but it is down to the driver in making sure the rules of the road and job and law is followed.

Here at the HGV Driver Training Centre we provide and pride our self’s in making sure all candidates we train are fully aware of all hour regulations, but it is still up to the individual HGV drivers to maintain compliance. With the training we specialize in we hope that covering the HGV drivers’ responsibility to the rules and regulation and law makes all candidates a safer HGV driver in there driving career. If in doubt please always speak to your fleet manager for the right information and guidance. Mangers need to make sure laws are being followed with all of their drivers under their management. For the manager to have drivers be allowed to exceed working hours is first of all illegal and very dangerous.

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