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Hello guys, this week at HGV driver training centre I thought we would look at how to become a HGV driver and how quick it can be to get a great job which you truly enjoy doing and don’t have that horrible morning feeling about going to work every day and even better get paid good money to do a free feel job role and change your career around in a matter of 4days.

With the way the world is changing and the way the online market is growing at a crazy rate the HGV driving industry is the best career you can go into, it’s not just driving it is also a very skilled job role and better yet anyone can become an HGV driver if they really want to, and HGV Driver Training centre is the place to do your course and obtain your licence, Also nonstop recruitment help to find the perfect well-paid job for you in the industry.

Getting your HGV Licence couldn’t be any easier but does require a great deal of skill and effort while in the process of getting the licence and as long as you do those things you be right on track. by getting on to an HGV training course is a promising step forward to a bright and positive future for you and can also be for people around you.


Currently, as I mention in my last blog there is now an HGV driver shortage in the UK of 45,000+ and this is growing drastically. The great thing about this is it means HGV drivers can get competitive salaries from companies as they will be fighting for the most newly qualified and skilled drivers.

To become an HGV driver and drive these Lorries is very easy as I stated earlier if you put the time and dedication into learning to get it done, though. But what is even better it doesn’t require university grades or a Nobel Prize. Now if you have a full UK car licence we are good to go and there is nothing to stop you from getting trained up and into your dream job. HGV driver training centre offers the highest grade of intensive courses which involves all skills and knowledge to get you passed your test and at a great learning pace to suit everyone’s needs.

With all of the HGV courses we offer they are to the highest spec in support of all needs and this is given all the way from starting your course right up to passing your test and doesn’t even finish there, we carry on right through into recruitment to help with getting you into the perfect job what also helps is the endless amount of big name companies and employers we work with to place drivers out into the industry where they are needed most. We’re always available throughout for advice, tips and even up-skilling in the industry to better yourself and this is why we are your number one resource for anything related to HGV driving and recruitment, who said the sky’s the limit.

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