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This week’s blog I have focused my attention on paramedic training (e.g. C1 driver training) the reason why is because we have had a lot of enquires here at HGV Driver training centre so I thought I would go into this area in a bit more detail to help you all out and also to help people looking to become a paramedic driver know the in’s and out’s.

Training to be a paramedic driver is a very serious and vital role in the public services, usually, you will need a good general education to work as an ambulance driver entry requirements are GCSEs NVQs or past relevant work experience. Being a paramedic driver is not for everybody, imagine driving at high speeds through traffic but having to do so extremely carefully most people wouldn’t even entertain the thought. Here at HGV Driver Training Centre we can take care of everything and look to get you qualified as an ambulance driver with our courses for either doing your Cat-C1 (7.5tonnes) licence or Cat-C licence.

The Category-C1 (7.5tonnes) is one of the first licences to upgrade from your full UK car driving licence, the most important thing to remember is the rules of the road must be abide by and are pretty much the same as driving a car, At HGV Driver Training Centre we enforce this but making sure students can handle a bigger vehicle safely.

The Cat-C1 (7.5tone) licence is only needed by people who passed their UK car driving licence after January 1997, but if you were to of gained your car licence before the year 1997 you will have your Cat-C1 licence already which is known as ‘grandfather rights’ and by law are legal and have the skills to drive a 7.5tone vehicle, We would always recommend taking our refresher training course though regardless so we can make sure all your skills and knowledge is of top-spec when moving forward into your new career as a paramedic driver.

Just to touch on the full category C licence for a minute this is still worth training on and obtaining the licence. The reason being is because not only do you gain your essential C1 licence at the same time but you will gain additional skills by driving a larger and wider size of vehicle and could also benefit you for the future or as we say here giving you another string to your bow.

All it takes to obtain your Cat-C1 / Cat-C licence is to do an intense week course and sit your exam at the end of that week. All of our trainers have an abundance of knowledge in paramedic training from many years of experience and will be able to share this with our students, Learning all the skills and knowledge that is needed in the intense course. Making sure our candidates pass with flying colours also preventing our candidates from having to take a large amount of time off their studies or work. The main and end result is that they know the importance of being a paramedic for their safety and the patients and the general public.

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