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4 New Jobs That Are Just A License Upgrade Away

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It’s June, which means we’re officially 6 months in to the new year. And if you made a resolution to change jobs or find a new career path, this post is for you. Because over 2/3 of people who make resolutions like that don’t actually act on them until around this time, if at all. But all is not lost. If you’re still thinking about a change of scenery, a new job is just a license change away. Today, we bring you just 4 of the countless ways you could change your life with a simple license upgrade.

HGV Driver

The unsung heroes of the road, HGV drivers keep millions of businesses and industries running every day. Delivering large and heavy loads of raw materials, products or food from place to place. HGV drivers drive the long distances, cross borders and generally see more of the country than most people who live here. It’s not the most glamorous job there is, but it does have some nice perks, like travel and solitude. If you’re not a ‘people person’, this job is perfect for you, since big chunks of time are dedicated to just you, your HGV and the open road. And it’s a job that’s in high demand – there are over 10,000 vacancies for HGV drivers across the UK, and not enough qualified drivers to fill the roles. And all you need is Cat C license to access all of these jobs.

Delivery Driver

Of course, it’s not all about the long stretches away from home. Sometimes, you want to be able to driver around the country, but still have a warm soft bed to come home to. As a delivery driver, you will work within the local communities to help support business owners in building their thriving companies. With an HGV Cat C licence, you can choose one of many delivery driving jobs in your area, delivering packages, goods and doing a variety of different tasks during your day to day. It’s a good varied career, with a solid driving base.

Tour Guide Driver

If you live in a tourist heavy area and don’t mind people, you could make a good living as a tour bus driver. If you upgrade from a Cat B to a Cat D1 license, you’ll be able to drive a minibus. As well as minibus jobs in urban areas, such as driving accessibility vehicles for schools or hospitals, you can also find some more exotic jobs both in the UK and abroad too, if that’s what you’re after. From driving in the Alps to touting the Lake District, you could be the person responsible for taking visitors around beautiful scenery every day – and you’ll be being paid to enjoy it at the same time.

Coach & Minibus Driver

While trains and places are still expensive ways to travel, coaches and minibuses are still in demand. Coach drivers who’ve upgraded their Cat B license to a Cat D or PCV version can work for travel companies taking customers from the UK to Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other holiday hotspots for all inclusive tours. You get to develop relationships with your passengers, drive long distances and enjoy the sights along the way. You’ll tend to have long drives in-between stops, and passengers book in advance, so no stops to let people on. Once you’ve got everyone on, you just need to drive.

At The HGV Training Centre, we love seeing new and ambitious drivers looking for the next step in their career. Our advisors are on hand to discuss your options with you, and help you choose the right license. After that, we can guide you through the process of gaining the right qualifications, with training and practical experience to kick start your new career. For more information, just get in touch with us today.

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