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3 Qualities of a Successful HGV Driver

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At HGV Driver Training centre we have many drivers come on our HGV licence training courses and believe they all graduate at a top level and go on to long successful careers as HGV drivers. But as we will all know this isn’t always the case, there can be people that don’t make it because they don’t enjoying working or just lack the drive to have a good career. Also they don’t have the skills or the right temperament.

What makes a successful HGV driver then you ask!? Well let me run you over the 3 Qualities of a Successful HGV Driver.


The HGV Haulage industry is run to tight schedules. The number of people involved in the operation of freight to be shipped all over Europe requires freight forwarders, logistics companies, HGV Haulage operators to keep the schedule running tight and on time. Successful HGV drivers are reliable by turning up for the job promptly and meets all delivery slots.Companies/Employers don’t like unreliable HGV drivers the reason being is simple because it effects the whole schedule. When it comes down reliability this is what everyone is after a perfect driving record is good don’t get me wrong but reliability is key.


2 – Safety

Reliability being key then follows the safety of the HGV driver and there mind set. This is a very important trait of a successful HGV driver and quality. The reason for the importance is because the haulage industry can be exposed a tremendous amount and the liability is on multiple levels. HGV drivers and companies are both responsible for their loads/cargo they carry, this is from the time it leaves the distribution depo to the time it arrives at the receiving depo. They are also liable for possible road damage, injuries in crashes, and penalties.With the Liability being so high, operators cannot afford HGV Drivers to not have a safety mind-set. All drivers need to have excellent records, The aim for all driver is to get there cargo from starting point to end point with as little risk as possible with regards to accidents or penalties

3-Honesty is the best policy

As stated earlier on with regulation of safety & liability, another main attribute for all HGV drivers is honesty and integrity. The reason for this is because there is no one watching what they are doing daily and no one looking over their shoulder either while they are out on the road. It is entirely down to the driver to keep accurate records and comply with regulations when time is spent driving to load securement.

The main point to being a successful lorry driver is for that person to      be honest enough to comply with all rules and regulations when on the road even when no one is watching. A true full/honest HGV driver is one who protects there reputation, but also their employers as well these are the HGV drivers that are needed on the roads and essential to the industry.

If you believe you have these attributes to be a successful HGV driver, please get in touch with us here at HGV Driver Training Centre as we would be very interested to hear from you. Here at HGV Driver Training Centre we provide the highest quality of licence training with the most effective results and recruitment to get you out there on the road.

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