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10 Reasons You Should Consider a Career as an HGV Driver

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It’s January, which means it’s the time of year that people start looking back at their last year in work and start wondering if they were really enjoying themselves. And if you’re looking to switch careers, you can’t do much better than an HGV driver. It’s a far cry from the standard 9-5 routine and gives you a level of control you don’t have elsewhere. To show you, we’ve collected 10 reasons you should consider a career in HGV driving:

1. No Shortage Of Work

One of the best things about becoming an HGV driver is that there is no shortage of work out there. In fact, the only thing running short is drivers! With more businesses and retailers popping up every day, the haulage industry is under pressure to hire new drivers to take on the abundance of work.

2. Set Your Own Hours

As an independent HGV driver, you have the power to set your own hours and even your own location. There is high demand for drivers across the entire UK. So if you decide to move across the country with your family, you will be able to pick up work again quickly.

3. Assured Job Security

The haulage industry is one that just isn’t going away – no matter how advanced technology gets. Good, qualified drivers will always be in demand, so short of you doing something stupid, your job security will always be assured.

4. Variety

HGV driving isn’t just about driving around. There are many different ways you can spice up an HGV driving career. You can do anything from long distance ‘tramping’ across Europe, to local only deliveries or the UK hopping.

5. High Earning Potential

Because it’s in such high demand, HGV driving is a great way to increase your earning potential. A full time, fully qualified HGV driver can earn upwards of £30,000 a year, depending on whether you’re an independent driver or employed with a company. If you go the employed route, many companies also give bonuses for good safety ratings, different licenses and even length of service.

6. Freedom Of Workspace

If you’re someone who loves their freedom, then HGV driving could be for you. When you’re in the cab, you’re in control. There’s no supervisor standing over your shoulder keeping your hours, no office politics to deal with and no one telling you that you can’t listen to your music as loudly as you want in your office.

7. Travel Opportunities

Most people slave away at work so that they can earn the money to travel. But as an HGV driver, you get to travel while earning money. Your HGV can take you anywhere, and you get to see it all. You choose the delivery routes, and you can see all sorts of exotic locations from the comfort of your cab.

8. Job Satisfaction

Without HGV deliveries, the country would grind to a halt. So at the end of the day, HGV drivers feel a sense of pride knowing they’ve made a real difference to people’s lives. HGV driver turnover is pretty low because the people who are in it are doing what they love.

9. Anyone Can Do It

You don’t need a reel of qualifications to become an HGV driver. In fact, all you need is a regular old driving license. If you’ve got that, then you can easily become an HGV driver. All it takes is an instructional course, some practical driving time and another driving test.

10. You Get To Drive A Huge Truck!

Nothing beats being able to do a job most kids dream of when pushing their toy trucks along the floor. There’s something about climbing into your cab and turning the ignition that never ceases to put a smile on your face.

At the HGV Driver Training Centre, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality driver and professional training for both new and experienced drivers. So if you’re looking to start a new career as an HGV driver, there isn’t a better place for you to go. For more information, or to book onto your driver training course, just get in touch with one of our team today.

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