The EC Directive to which the CPC in Road Haulage and Passenger Transport qualification derives from changed as of 4th December 2011. This means a new syllabus with new qualifications has been introduced. The significant change relates to a new combined syllabus and examination covering National and International operations.

Course Content

The course covers:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Social Law
  • Fiscal Law
  • Business & Financial Management of the Undertaking
  • Access to the Market
  • Technical Standards and Technical Aspects of Operation
  • Road Safety

Course Duration: Ten days (including exam day)

Examinations: The new style exams include two papers, a 2 hour multiple-choice and 2 hour case study. The multiple choice exam is closed book exam with a 70% pass mark. The case study exam is an open book exam with a 50% pass mark. The exams are held quarterly from March 2012.

Trainee Selection: It is extremely important that the right candidate is selected to attend. The trainee is expected to be at a Level III in terms of literacy, numeracy and understanding the transport industry. Whilst the course is open to any applicant, those who are not at this level may find it difficult to pass the exams. Information on course and candidate suitability is available on the OCR website.

Course Loading: Max trainee / instructor ratio is 16:1

Course Location: Nationwide.

Certification: Upon successfully passing the examinations a certificate will be awarded by OCR. Results are published 8 weeks after the examination date.

Course Costs: Please call our team on 0808 168 5255 to discuss costing. Please ask for corporate specialist when calling.

Terms and Conditions apply

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