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Is there a good time to start training to be an HGV driver?

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The short answer to this is: yes, a good time to start learning to be an HGV driver is today! Perhaps you’re reading this because you have been thinking of making a life change. Learning to be an HGV driver is a popular and rewarding career change to make. Especially in the modern climate. Why is this though? We look at what personal and professional development opportunities are available in the HGV driving industry. 

What are you looking for now?

What are your priorities for your career right now? There are often very specific features that people seek in their ideal role. These key aspects of HGV driving may help you to decide if this kind of role is right for you.

Accessible Training

You don’t need prior qualifications to start your learning. All you need is a current driving licence and to be over 18. This makes a driving career one of the most accessible out there. The cost of learning with an expert training school is comparatively low compared to other career changes. In addition, you’ll have the cost of taking your test, which again is not a large investment. With fast track options available, you don’t even need to invest huge amounts of time before you can start earning.

Life Balance

If you are looking for something other than the commute and grind, HGV training can offer a different balance. From periods of work and rest to night shifts, you can find opportunities to suit you. You can listen to audiobooks while you drive, even learn a new language on audio! All this balance is possible while you’re actually working. We don’t all live by the same schedules, and driving work can offer a really positive life balance. Especially when we all want to live more flexibly. 

Good Pay

Often, retraining or finding your first job can involve a financial struggle. Starting annual salaries for HGV qualified drivers are from around £38K. This means no starting at the bottom on a basic wage while you earn your stripes! When you compare starting salaries with the cost of your training and testing, it’s an incredible investment. 

Daily Variety

From time on the road to the relationships that you build with clients and colleagues, no two days are the same! One benefit of this variety is that it keeps your days interesting. Not only this, but you’ll be expanding your skillset at the same time. You may discover a new interest from your daily experiences as an HGV driver. It’ll allow you to grow and develop as a person and as a driver.

Job Security

Products and produce will always need to be transported around the country and beyond. This means that driving is one of the most secure roles out there. It’s certainly one that AI is in no danger of taking over! For even more security, you may train for multiple categories. This means that you have the flexibility of taking jobs with any number of different vehicles. There will therefore always be an option for you moving forward.

What about the future?

Of course, looking into the future is an important part of any life decision. So where does HGV driving come in future planning? For many reasons it’s a pretty future proof skill to have. Indeed, even if you don’t plan to drive as the main part of your role, the qualification opens a huge number of doors. 

Career Progression

As you gain driving skills and experience, you’ll find many opportunities for progression. Either within driving specific roles, or in the wider field of logistics. As you develop, you may choose to transport more demanding loads, such as tanker haulers. Transporting liquids, sometimes hazardous, involves more specialisation and more pay. This means that it’s a popular specialism in more experienced drivers. Of course it’s just one example of how your future career could progress. Once you’re qualified in the industry you will discover many more interesting paths to explore. 

Professional Autonomy

As you progress through your career, you may want to take more control over your work. You may choose to work for one transport operator, or a couple. You may have built relationships with specific partners and progress with them. The important thing here is that you can have more control over your hours and locations of work as time goes by. You may even start your own business!

Chance to Travel 

For some people, staying local is an important feature of their career. If you have younger children, for example, you may prefer this. However, as life changes through the years, you may find that travel opportunities are more appealing. With opportunities in distance haulage across the UK and Europe, you can explore different places. And you’re paid to do it! 

Strings to your bow

It might be that you are considering HGV training as an additional skill. This is a great idea. Driving qualifications are an extremely useful addition to many other roles. In the fields of logistics and manufacturing, driving skills can help you to progress above your colleagues. Alternatively, you may not want to drive full time, but want to supplement other part time hours. Having trained with an HGV licence, you have the scope to pick up contract hours that support your other interests or profession. 

What are you waiting for?

With new job openings available every day, there really is no better time than now to start HGV training. Arguably, the modern social and economic climate is the best time yet to be in this career. With flexibility, control and great earning potential, you can benefit in the short and long term. If you’re considering HGV training, now is the best time to explore which courses might work for you. We care about putting our trainees on the best path. So contact us to book, or for guidance in which course might be best suited to your future.

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