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How to Start my HGV Career: A New Career in 5 Steps

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Usually, making the decision to start a new career is a pretty big deal. It means updating your training or education related to the industry you’re interested in, reworking your CV, and engaging in a brand-new hunt for the ideal job. While the process can be daunting, there are some industries where starting a new career is easier than it might seem.

For instance, if you love the idea of getting away from your boring desk job, achieving better job
security, and earning a higher wage, you can switch to a career as an HGV driver in less time than
you’d expect. You don’t even need a new degree!

What’s more, thanks to the massive shortage in HGV drivers throughout the UK today, there are more opportunities for professionals than ever before, as well as higher wages available.

Interested? Here’s how to start your new HGV career in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Though the HGV landscape is growing more popular among job hunters, it’s still an area with a lot of myth, confusion, and misunderstanding. If you want to become the best HGV driver, you need to
understand what the role actually entails. There are a lot of differences between driving a HGV and
driving a car, and the role may have some challenges you wouldn’t expect.

Take the time to look into the role of the average HGV driver and all it entails before you dive in. The good news is there are a lot of fantastic benefits to this career if it’s right for you, including excellent job security and demand, a fantastic salary, and flexible hours for some drivers. You’ll also be able to spend more time exploring the roads, and getting to know new people.

While you’re researching the landscape, it may be worth looking into the different types of HGV job
you can get too. For instance, some jobs will keep you relatively close to home, while others will
require you to drive through multiple countries, and even onto ferries.

Step 2: Explore Your Job Options

Although it’s important to get your HGV certifications before you start applying for any job,
researching the opportunities available before you dive in can be helpful. After all, different kinds of
roles require specific licenses. If you want to drive the heaviest HGVs on the market, and potentially
earn a big salary, then you’ll need a C+E license. If you’re looking for an entry level job, you might
start with a Category C license and work your way up.

Other points to consider include:

  • Distance: HGV jobs can either include long-distance, or short-distance journeys, depending
    on the role you take. If you want to stay close to home, you might want to look for an
    employer who can offer you a national, rather than international role.
  • Position: Most HGV drivers will start their career in an entry-level position, as higher-up
    roles will require some experience in the industry. However, you might want to look for a role
    which does have progression opportunities available.
  • Flexibility: Make sure you check the hours available from different employers in your area, and how flexible they are when it comes to scheduling. It is possible for your HGV career to work around your life, but it requires some planning.

Step 3: Train for Your Qualifications

This is perhaps the most important step in starting your HGV career. Although you don’t need any
specific degree or college education for this role, you will need the right licence and training. To
begin, you’ll need to be over the age of 18 and have a valid UK driving license. From there, you can
apply for a provisional HGV driver license and send in a D4 medical form. There may be a fee to pay
for your medical form in some cases.

Apply for the license you want from the various options available. For the widest range of career
options, you might consider going for both a Category C and Category C+E licence. Next, you’ll need
to pass your practical and theoretical exams to get your full HGV licence. An HGV training company
can help to accelerate this process with dedicated training locations throughout the UK. HGV
Training Centre even ensures high pass rates with a Pass Protection Service.

Remember to check the credentials of the company you’re going to be training with, and look into
their reputation online before you sign up. The right service will be able to help you get your CPC and HGV licence in the shortest time possible.

Step 4: Start Applying for Roles!

Once you’ve successfully acquired your licences, you’ll be able to begin applying for HGV roles in
your area. Once again, if you work with the right training provider here, you’ll have some extra
support to get you started. HGV Driver Training Centre has a dedicated recruitment service to help
you find employers in your area looking for your skills.

To make sure you get the best experience from your role, do your due-diligence and research the
companies you’re going to be working for. Remember to check out the salary they can offer, as well
as any benefits and training opportunities which might be available.

It’s also worth practising for your interview, to ensure you can showcase the kinds of traits and
characteristics your employer might be looking for. You’ll need to demonstrate excellent focus and
safety skills, good communication, organisation, and independence.

Step 5: Start Advancing Your Career

Getting your first role as an HGV driver is only the beginning! There are plenty of opportunities for
career progression in this role too. For instance, you could train to become the manager of your own
HGV team, or look into opportunities to drive more heavy-duty vehicles with valuable haulage.

You might even decide you want to train other people to become an HGV driver, and get involved
with the educational landscape. If you’re not sure what the next step is for you, consider looking into the career progression options offered by your existing employer.

With the help of HGV Driver Training Centre, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for a phenomenal
career in the HGV industry. We offer assistance with everything from training to recruitment, so you can kick-start your new HGV journey.

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