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At HGV Driver Training Centre we are known for the high level of Horsebox licence training we provide. As a company we provide the equine industry with the most efficient and comprehensive training in the UK. There are a few licences/courses that are commonly used in the equine industry.


B+E (Car & Trailer Licence)

This is the most basic of licences for anyone looking to transport horses. This licence is usually towed behind a van or a car. This course can be completed in three days. We supply all of the tools and equipment needed to pass this course.


B+E (Car & Trailer Licence) – Alt Tag: B+E (Car & Trailer Licence)

   C1 (7.5T)

The C1 is a larger vehicle but most candidates say is much easier to train on than the B+E. This is because the vehicle is all one single unit and handles very similar to a car. The C1 licence enables you to drive a vehicle fully loaded up to 7.5T. The course can be completed in just 4 days and is a very popular licence to take. Many people of a certain age will have this licence automatically from passing their car test before 1997!

 C1 (7.5T) – Alt Tag: C1 Licence For Horsebox up to 7.5T

Cat C (Above 7.5T)

This is the largest horsebox and requires you to drive over 7.5T. Most candidates will do this training on the Cat-C licence as it is the same cost and the same process as completing a C1!

By obtaining this licence you can also drive anything below. This provides any person with horses to transport up to 20 horses! We also tend to find that buying a vehicle over 7.5T is remarkably cheaper than buying a 7.5T or smaller!

Cat C (above 7.5T) Alt Tag: Cat C Licence For Horseboxes over 7.5T

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