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What You Need To Know About The HGV Hazard Perception Test

If you’re looking to become an HGV driver, and are maybe even at the beginning of pursuing your first licence, then you will need to take a hazard perception test (or two). It’s the gateway to your official training – the bit you have to do before you can get behind the wheel. But while […]

What The Coronavirus Is Doing To The UK Haulage Industry

There is no question that the UK haulage industry is under a lot of pressure right now. The coronavirus crisis has caused an unprecedented rise in demand for both personal and commercial deliveries, with drivers being pushed to the limits beyond even the busiest times of year (yes, even busier than Christmas). This new rush […]

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing (For Your Manager’s Sake)

If you’re a professional HGV driver, odds are you have a manager of some sort. Even though you aren’t in an office or under direct supervision most of the time, there will still be someone within the company who you report to, and who makes sure everything is happening as it should in your day-to-day […]

Should You Have Dash Cams In An HGV?

Yes. That really should be the end of it. Blog finished. Go about your day. But you probably want to know why. After all, dash cams aren’t a legal requirement in any vehicle, so surely it’s a personal choice whether to have one installed in your HGV or not? And yes, it is. But if […]

How to Stay Focused on the Road – 4 Top Tips From Experienced Drivers

As an HGV driver, you’ve probably had your fair share of long journeys. Long-haul drivers especially know how difficult it can be to focus on driving for hours at a time without losing concentration. But it’s an important skill to learn – since being distracted on the road could cost you your job or even […]

Why Safe Loading Matters. Really.

During HGV driver training you will be taught a lot of things around health, safety and security. But one of the areas that will be focussed on is how to load and unload your HGV safely. Depending on what you’re driving and what your cargo is, this could be anything from how to lift a […]

Explaining the LGV Driver’s Licence

We all know (or hopefully we do) that there are multiple kinds of drivers licence out there. Each one is specific to a different type of vehicle and requires its own set of skills to learn. Depending on what you want to drive, you will need to go through the appropriate training and testing before […]

What Are the Best Truck Stops for an HGV Driver?

As a professional HGV driver, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time in and around truck stops. They are a big part of an HGV drivers life, giving you a place to get out of the cab, put down the keys and relax in the middle of a long journey. Even for shorter journeys, […]

Want To Drive Somewhere More Exotic? Consider New Zealand!

Qualifying as an HGV driver in the UK is an incredibly exciting thing. But what if we told you that you may have chosen a career that’s not only rewarding, but could also include international travel to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations? If you’re up for a long trip, taking your new skills […]

Everything You Need to Apply for a Provisional LGV Licence

Becoming an HGV driver is something a lot of people aspire to, but not many know a lot about, especially if they haven’t done it themselves. On the outside, it looks like a simple thing to do, especially if you already have a basic driving licence. After all, how different can it be? The truth […]

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