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5 Reasons to Use a National HGV Training Provider Instead of a Local School

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HGV driving can be a fantastic career opportunity for people from all backgrounds. It’s an opportunity to see more of the world, or just your local area, and break free from the restrictions of a boring desk job. Plus, you benefit from excellent security, as the demand for HGV drivers has
remained consistently high for a number of years. The UK economy runs on HGV professionals!

Of course, before you can dive into your new life as an HGV driver, you’ll need to complete your training. There’s a theory test and a practical exam to consider before you can even begin looking for the employers with the best salaries and reputations.

Here’s why working with a National HGV Training provider will give you better results than a local school – every time.

1. It’s Simple

While a local school might be nearby, they’re not always convenient. If you live in a small town, you might struggle to arrange a time for your training, lessons, and tests that’s suitable for you. Some locations even have huge waiting lists, which means your dreams get put on hold.

With a National HGV Training provider, you can search for a suitable school, choose lesson times that are right for you, and tailor your training around your life. It’s as simple as using a comparison site to choose the best mortgage, insurance, or electricity rates!

2. There’s More Choice

A local school might not be the right institution to turn you into the best HGV driver you can be. While some of these locations are excellent, others are poorly rated and don’t have a lot of resources to offer. With a National Training provider, you’ll have your choice of dozens of different schools in your specific area, so you can pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

Your national provider can compare the market on your behalf and give you the very best locations to choose from based on their pass-rates, customer reviews, and reputation.

3. Step-by-Step Support

Most local schools only help with a portion of your training experience. They might allow you to set up a practical test for your certification, but they probably won’t help you to fill out provisional forms, revise for your theory, or even take your theory test.

On the other hand, a National HGV training company helps you navigate the entire process, from the moment you send off your first document, to the point where you accept a job offer. Dedicated teams of training professionals are on-hand to answer your questions every step of the way. You can always rest assured someone will be on the other end of the phone if you get stuck.

4. Recruitment Assistance

Once you’ve passed your test with a local school, their job is done, and you’re on your own. This means you need to track down the best employers, and deal with your applications solo. Alternatively, with a National HGV training provider, you get help finding the right role as soon as you pass.

Companies like the HGV Driver Training Centre have partnerships with national recruiters to assist you in finding new opportunities in your area. Plus, the team is on-hand to help with polishing your CV, getting you ready for interviews, and helping you master the market.

5. Higher Success Rates

Finally, while many local schools have good success rates, not everyone who takes their HGV exam will automatically pass the first time around. If you don’t get there the first time you take your test, you might need to pay multiple fees to take your tests again.

With a National Training provider, you can get Pass Protection included with your purchase. This means if you don’t pass for any reason, you can try again without the extra fees. This gives you a much higher chance of getting on the roads as quickly as possible.

Choose Right for your HGV Education

National HGV Training providers offer the best selection of schools, resources, and support to people seeking out a new career in the HGV industry. With the HGV Driver Training Centre, you don’t just get access to a practical test. You get a partner committed to helping you launch your new career.

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